The Ballistic Shield

During an active shooter situation, the Ballistic Shield provides precious response time by slowing the intruder down, allowing staff to call 911 and execute a lockdown.  It is installed on key areas on glass doors and windows to ensure the gunman cannot easily shoot out the glass and release the lock on the door.

 How It Works

The Ballistic Shield is far more than just a sheet of metal – it is made from specially designed and tested aluminum.  The unique material limits expansion caused by a bullet and creates razor sharp edges at the point of penetration.  With the Ballistic Shield in place, the shooter is forced to use additional ammunition and time to gain access to the lock, thereby alerting staff to the threat, giving time to call 911, and allowing students and staff to barricade themselves in rooms secured by The BootTM.

 Effective, but Unobtrusive

Each shield is decoratively engraved with a school or business name and mascot or logo.  It provides a welcoming presentation, while protecting precious lives.  At only 3mm thick, the shield lays nearly flush on the door.

 Cost Effective

The Ballistic Shield works with the existing door structure, with no need to replace an entire door.  More cost-effective than bulletproof films.