Rapid Response Placards


Why Traditional Numbering Fails

When crisis erupts, time is of the essence.  It is critical that the arriving tactical team can move to the threat location as quickly as possible.  Unfortunately, most facilities have outdated floor plans and room numbers that are not sequenced consistently.  Poor visibility due to traditional flush mounted numbering only adds to the confusion and wasted time.

How It Works

The Rapid Response Placards are a proven cure for the unknown.  Unlike traditional placards, Rapid Response Placards are highly reflective, 3D, and visible regardless of hall length.  When every second is critical, they direct first responders to the exact location without having to slow down at each door to check room numbers. 

Useful Every Day

Although designed and optimized to provide law enforcement instantaneous facility navigation, these placards serve an important secondary function on a daily basis.   The easily visible numbers allow new students, staff, and visitors to easily navigate hallways.  Made of 16 gauge hard steel, they easily stand up to the rigorous day-to-day school environment.  Both the powder-coating and the reflector can be customized to match school colors.