Our products create an additional, but unobtrusive, layer of security that has been missing until now.  


We tailor to your specific facility

We believe that an effective safety solution MUST be custom tailored to each facility and implementation must have the support of local emergency response officials.  CDL Systems partners with each customer’s crisis response team, including local law enforcement, security personnel, and other first responders, to ensure that the response plan is integrated and effective.  Contact us for a no-cost demonstration and a building walk-through.

What We provide

We offer a system of products that create an additional, but unobtrusive, layer of security that has been missing until now.  When used in combination, this system effectively deters or delays a hostile intruder during a lockdown scenario. 

  1. The Boot:  Law enforcement personnel consistently tell us – lockdowns work!  But the lockdown needs to be instantaneous and effective – there is not time to fumble for keys or go in the hallway to activate a lock.  The BootTM can be deployed instantly preventing entry into a classroom or office.  Equally important, The BootTM is the first safety device of its kind that allows safety personnel to quickly and efficiently open the door from the OUTSIDE – letting safety in.
  2. Ballistic Shield:  During an active shooter situation, the Ballistic Shield provides precious response time by slowing the intruder down, allowing staff to call 911 and execute a lockdown. 
  3. Rapid Response Placard:  When crisis erupts, every second counts.  Rapid Response Placards provide the arriving tactical team instantaneous facility navigation in nearly all light conditions, minimizing the impact of outdated facility maps and non-sequential room numbering.